What's It Going To Cost Me?


Approaching and handling legal issues is already stressful itself. Not knowing how much it will cost you only adds to the angst and makes it that much more stressful. Everyone knows that legal battles can be mentally, emotionally, and financially draining. That’s exactly why Attorney Parker utilizes flat fee billing. Our flat fees give you comfort in knowing up front what your financial obligation will be at the onset of your case. This way, you can rest assured knowing that the quality of representation isn’t contingent on your ability to replenish a retainer. Below is a list of many of our common cases and starting flat fees:

Uncontested Divorces

· No Children, No Property - $2,500

· No Children and Property – $2,500

· With Children and Property - $2,500 

· With Children and No Property - $2,500 

Contested Divorces

· No Property, No Children - $3,500 

· With Children and No Property - $5,000 

· With Agreement Regarding Children and Property Dispute- $5,000 

· With Children and Property Dispute - $5,000 

· Property Dispute and No Children - $5,000 

Child Support and Custody Cases

· Establishment of Parent Child Relationship 

· (Conservatorship, Visitation and Child Support) - $5,000 

· Modification of Child Support - $2,500 

· Modification of Visitation - $3,500 

· Modification of Custody - $5,000 

Enforcement Actions

· Enforcement of Child Support $2,500

· Enforcement of Possession and Access - $2,500 

· Enforcement of Divorce Decree - $2,500 

· Habeas Corpus Actions - $2,500

Other Family Matters

· Motion for New Trial/Reconsideration - $2,500

· Protective Orders - $1,500

Probate and Estate Matters

· Will Drafting - $750 - $1500

· Estate Planning Packets - $1,500 

· Muniment of Title Actions - $2,000

· Small Estates Probate - $2,000

· Administration - $3,500

Personal Injury Actions

· Contingency fee of 33% of any settlement 

*This list is not exhaustive of all types of cases handled by the Law Office of Leneice D. Parker but is rather a list of the most frequent appearing cases. Fees shown are not guaranteed to be the complete fee charged for representation but instead are the base fees for representation in the identified case types. The actual flat fee for each case will vary based on different factors discussed prior to representation on your case.  For information regarding cases not listed, contact the law office at (713) 999-3447.